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Ri-Industries have been leading manufacturers of pre-cast concrete products since 1947.

Our reinforced concrete water tanks, with capacities from 5000 litres (1,000 gallons) to 22,730 litres (5,000 gallons), will enhance your environmental surroundings.

Our tanks are strong and durable, including fire and bullet-proof, whilst keeping water always cool and mildew free making them ideal for domestic, industrial and rural applications.

Fully Engineered Specifications Available and can be sent to Council at request


1,000 gallons (5000 litres) –  (1930mm) diameter, approx. 3.96 tonnes, (2240mm) high 

2,000 gallons (9,090 litres) –  (2440mm) diameter, approx. 4.75 tonnes, (2460mm) high

3,000 gallons (13,640 litres) – (2870mm) diameter, approx. 6.25 tonnes, (2440mm) high

5,000 gallons (22,730 litres) – (3450mm) diameter, approx. 9 tonnes, (2740mm) high

Please note : With Underground Tanks , lid thickness is always dependent on each individual order .


Our tanks are Engineer designed and are made under strict supervision in our modern factory from high frequency, vibrated reinforced concrete using only the highest quality materials.

All above ground tanks are supplied with an attractive concrete conical roof or a flat roof while the underground tanks have flat a concrete roof.

If any tank is partially buried more than 900mm in the ground there is a possibility that it may float unless precautions are taken.

Note : We suggest that the tank be filled with water immediately after placement to at least ground level until the backfill soil has compacted.

Varying lid thicknesses for all tanks.

Foot traffic for only 100mmm  lids .

Inlets and outlets can be inserted at any required position on the tanks.

Riser pipes and concrete surrounds are available when tanks are below ground and access to finished level is required.

Ri-Industries will not be responsible for any Tank movement.

For underground Tanks add 100ml to tanks overall height for standard lid.

Our pleasant office staff will answer all your enquiries and country clients are invited to telephone us toll free on 08 8444 8100. 

Ri-Industries' concrete tanks are delivered and positioned with our Truck/Cranes at  our drivers discretion on your site ready for connection.

Steel Mesh in all Tanks 
All Brass Fittings
Steel  Mesh in all Lids


  • Ensure a flat area of 4.5 metres square is dug to a depth of 75mm (or more if required to achieve a fall from gutter height) and then back-filled with a layer of 10-12mm gravel, Then the tank is placed directly onto this level land.
  • In order to fully extend the life of your Ri Tank, site preparation is essential.
  • A 75 mm thick level bed of 10mm screenings is all that is required.
  • Warranty conditions will be invalid if this preparation is not fully adhered to.

BELOW IS A 250mm HD Trafficable lid with Trafficable Steel lid




  • Ensure gutter outlet is above tank inlet.
  • Check access with Ri-Industries as specification may change according to size of delivery truck.
  • Height clearance of 8 metres (minimum)is required when unloading.
  • 4.7 metres needed for truck to pass under trees and overhead power lines
  • 4 metres clearance required between gate posts
  • Please highlight the position of any underground drains or cables
  • Trucks will not drive over any concrete or sealed areas without indemnity being signed. (Including house foundations)
  • Please ensure the unloading site is level.
  • Ri-Industries strongly recommend your tank not be left empty for extended periods.
  • If any tank is partially buried more than 900mm in the ground there is a possibility that it may float unless precautions are taken. ie: fill it to ground level with water .
  • All data subject to change without notice.
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