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Inspection Openings   


Precast Concrete Inspection Cover

  • Suitable for grassed, bituminised and paved areas
  • Available in two sizes to suit 100mm or 150mm risers.

Flanged I.0. Cover and Frame (Type 1 & 2)

  • Suitable for use in concreted and paved areas.
  • Available in two sizes to suit 100mm or 150mm risers.
  • Cast iron frame and cover are tar dipped.
  • Available in bolt down on application.

Precast Concrete Flushing Point Support Block

  • For heavy service installation with common effluent drains.
  • Will suit both 100mm and 150mm flushing points.
  • Designed to suit I.0. cover and frame (type 2).

Grated Stormwater Collection Point

  • Cast iron grate and frame.
  • Provides stormwater collection to 150mm drains.
  • Suitable for all paved, bituminised and concreted areas.
  • Tar dipped grate and frame.

Rear of Allotment Collection Slab

  • For light service use, ie. domestic blocks where surface water collection is required.
  • Designed for pedestrian traffic only
  • Model suits 100mm and 150mm risers.
  • PVC grate supplied with the slab.
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